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The aim of the Stara Zagora Regional Investment Promotion Centre is to assist the foreign investors through the somewhat complicated process of establishing their businesses in Bulgaria. Our wealth of experience in working co-operatively with both government and private organizations enables us to effectively guide our clients through official regulatory procedures and to assist them in establishing vital local business contacts. Our regional expertise and service experience combine to save our clients time, effort and money as they relocate all or a portion of their businesses to Bulgaria.

We are pleased to offer our services in the following areas: 

Site Location Services: full consultation services on all aspects of Site Location, Selection and Acquisition, including:

  • Preliminary site searches for appropriate properties for lease or purchase

  • Digital photographs of any property emailed to investors

  • Preparation of Site Visit agenda

  • Escorted visits to properties

  • Full translation/interpretation services

  • Purchase and/or lease negotiations

  • Introductions to and negotiations with local construction companies  

Government Regulatory Process Services: full consultation services on all regulatory agencies, including:

  • Guidance with Local, Regional and National levels of laws, regulations and requirements

  • Assistance with mandatory registrations and licensing

  • Full translation services on all government documentation

  • Full interpretation services before all government hearings and/or meetings

Consultation & Networking Services for: we will arrange introductions to and facilitate your meetings with:

  • Local and Regional government authorities

  • Banking and financial institutions

  • Qualified labor sources

  • Industry specific sub-contractors

  • Suppliers and service companies

  • Business and commerce organizations

Basic Business Services:

  • Agenda planning

  • Accommodation reservations

  • Temporary office space

  • Fax, copying, priniting

  • Email/internet access

  • Translation/interpretation services

Event Planning Services: comprehensive event planning services, including:

  • Conferences & Seminars

  • Trade Shows

  • Training workshops

  • Corporate events

A detailed fee schedule is available upon request.

Last Updated ( 28 10 2009 )
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